The Trials (Demo E​.​P​.​)

by Altered Minds

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Shawn Drums
Tobin Vocals
Andrew Guitar
Ryan Guitar
Ford Bass




released February 21, 2012

All Music Written by Altered Minds
All Lyrics Written by Tobin Eugene
Record Engineering by Aaron Yee
Mixing and Mastering by Aaron Yee



all rights reserved


Altered Minds Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Cease & Dispose
Lamb and goat reach divinity in the creative image of man, kings of insanity. Heaven and hell held inside our altered minds. Salvations illusion dimmed by the dark curse of ancient delusions. Humanity rots in fear of the unknown that exist in this cold world. Trapped desires of eternal liberation. How can you define freedom when you roam the earth a slave? Think for yourself, outside the box. Cease religion, find faith in yourself. God is alive inside your head. Dispose the cancer, save our existence
Track Name: Social Disorder
bipartisan creates disorder that separates us in madness. Polar opposites promise hope and nothing changes only the pace. Society's split in two, forked tongues infect us all. Devils dissect under the scope. Torn us apart by alternation & discord. Watch us slowly rot away with the war against our minds. Psychological warfare against humanity with no declaration. force fed a mirage of truth as we destroy ourselves. Society will remain broken by disease unless unity exist amongst ourselves. Hatred for discordance is the downfall crumbling this nation to the ground Freedoms not guaranteed with votes, elected kings only play the role. Left and right wing ideologies leave the public blind in strife. social disorder
. respect is everything, look beyond culture and race. put aside your social class and faith, we're born the same. united we must stand or divided we will fall
Track Name: Vultures Among Sheep
Lions build slave nations then prey on the blind sheep suffering within their kingdom. Deception is the key to conquering the mind as we Give up on the fight to ensure our freedom. system lures in society with hunters dressed to sell our existence. They bait the territory with slogans and decoys disguised as hope. Corporate jackals power the machine behind the hiearchy ran by greed. Controllers of economy and collectors of debts, we're buried Alive. (just look around and you'll see the reasons why kings become vultures in the blink of an eye) unaware of the evil force that hides behind the public eye, the men protected by laws & rights. Media propaganda covers up destructive images as they profit off famine and war, our children starve. Monetary enslavement is the worst of its kind. Ignorance feeds the monster as you fall for deceit and lies.(just look around and you'll see the reason why kings become vultures in the blink of an eye) don't give up your mind & fall in line, dont fall in line. Question & defy the rule of authority. Decimate the beast before he bleeds us dry. Crush the cyclopeon eye before we're buried alive